The staff takes great effort in maintaining a pleasant, fair and authentic World of Warcraft environment for every member.
Every member of the andonisus community accepted our rules and terms of serviceby creating an account. Please be aware, our rules may be different from retail rules in some cases. 


      The use of 3rd party software/cheat engines designed to alter/cheat the blizzlike gameplay as intended is strictly forbidden.
      Players who are caught using any kind of hack will be permanently removed from our community without any form of discussion. The ban is non-appealable.
      First offense : Permanent Ban ! 
      We do not support any kinds of hackers or cheaters, so they will be banned on the spot.


      An exploit, in video games, is the use of a bug or design flaw by a player to their advantage in
      a manner not intended by the games designers. The existence of a bug never grants permission for
      players to exploit it, neither will the presence of a bug ever justify its (ab)use.
      First offense : Warning
      Second offense : 5 day ban
      Third offense : Permanent Ban